The Reason These Categories Matter

The Reason These Categories Matter

I believe what School House Rock told me every Saturday morning in between cartoons: knowledge is power.

I am known for giving my clients homework. And for checking with them in subsequent sessions if they did their homework. It doesn’t take long to show someone a simple exercise to strengthen a muscle or the mind. I take some extra time to explain why the exercise will help them. Consistently, the clients who know the reason an exercise is important are the most likely to do the exercise and to report benefiting from an exercise.

When people know why they are doing something, it is easier to do that something.

These longer blog posts about the importance of each category are meant only to begin to answer the ultimate question that every toddler knows: WHY?

Why are these 10 categories important to quality of life? How will they help improve your life today? How do they overlap?

It is my hope that the research presented here will help keep you motivated and will help you see the big picture of how these categories of life interact with each other. It is by no means meant to be an in-depth literature review. Sometimes a piece of research may grab my attention and I’ll muse more about it on the blog. Some of this research may grab your attention, and I hope you will share you thoughts with me.

Regarding citations

Most peer-reviewed professional publications only allow full access to their members. While I have reviewed each of the studies presented in full, I am providing links that are usable to you. If the full text is available (usually in a pdf), I am linking to that. In cases where a login is required to access the full text, I am linking you to the abstract only page.

A final caveat: the Quality of Life Initiative has the sole purpose of helping you improve your life. The research presented here is almost exclusively framed in the positive. Of course, every aspect of life has a shadow side. I do not deny that. This is not the place for examining the dark side of life in detail. I may mention it in passing because many people unintentionally end up expressing a negative aspect of their lives. Those people who intend harm to others are not my audience and are free to discuss the shadow side of each category on their own time.