I tested gravity this week. It’s still working just fine, so you don’t have to worry. I was walking in my yard, with the very thick weeds from all the rain we’ve had, trying to get over a branch. The branch (and the aforementioned gravity) won. I went down. Hard. Into stinging nettles. Now I know why they’re called stinging nettles.

That was Sunday. I have a standing appointment on Monday mornings for Pilates instruction. I thought about canceling. I was hurting! Nothing major, but a fall puts you out of whack. My neck was stiff, my sciatic pain flared up, my hips were out of place. And I still have stinging nettles in my hand.

But that’s exactly the right time to go.

Pilates Instruction

My options were:

  1. Go to Pilates
  2. Stay in bed

#2 had a very loud cheering section, but my brain was functioning enough to point out that lying in bed is not going to help. Things got out of whack from the sudden movement of falling. The only way to get them back into place was going to be through controlled movements.

To move or not to move is a valid question when you are injured or when you are ill. I have had clients cancel their appointments when what they needed most was to come see me. Moving the body isn’t something to be done only in times of health; it’s something we all need to be doing every day, to whatever extent we can.

This Pilates session didn’t look like much, but I left feeling so much better and, truth be told, damn proud of myself for not giving in to the excuses.

Now I’m going to take some Tylenol and rest on the couch.