change routine quality of life

Routine and habits can make our lives more enjoyable by simplifying things. But if the clock or calendar has become your enemy, burdening you with your habits, maybe one of these suggestions will help.

  • Change your dinner plans. If you were going out, grab something to go and head home. If you were going to make dinner, order a pizza, put on your jammies, and enjoy.
  • At the grocery store, turn left instead of right when you walk in the door (or whichever direction is opposite of your norm). You might be surprised how much this change can snap you out of auto-pilot.
  • Order something different off the menu. Take a vacation from “the usual.”

If these don’t work for you, post a comment below and tell us what action you are taking.

Set your reminder for the action you are taking to improve your routine today. Watch your Quality of Life score change with each effort.