annual routine quality of life

Daily routines are great, but many of our routines need to happen weekly, monthly, or seasonally. If changing your daily routine isn’t something you can manage right now, let’s look at a different time frame.

  • Would your quality of life be improved by setting a day of the week to do your grocery shopping, laundry, or other household chore?
  • Do some of your habits of summer not fit your winter life? Maybe it’s time to reconsider your exercise routine, your bedtime, or your morning meal.
  • Besides paying the rent/mortgage on the first of the month, is there anything else that needs your attention each month? Something as simple as stocking up on toiletries at a given time each month can bring you peace of mind.

If these don’t work for you, post a comment below and tell us what action you are taking.

Set your reminder for the action you are taking to improve your routine today. Watch your Quality of Life score change with each effort.