skeletal joint alignment, posture

Have you forgotten how to stand tall? Perhaps you have some structural problems that make good posture more difficult? Ready to improve a little bit today?

  • Look down at your feet (not your shoes – your bare feet). Line up the outside edge of each foot to a straight edge. It may feel weird. Just hang with that. Good posture starts at your feet, so let’s get them lined up.
  • Waiting in the take-out line? Keep your weight even in both feet. That means no jutting your hip out to the side.
  • Avoid tech-neck. Stop dropping your head to look at your phone. Try holding your phone at eye level to read that meme.

If these don’t work for you, post a comment below and tell us what action you are taking.

Set your reminder for the action you are taking to improve your posture today. Watch your Quality of Life score change with each effort.