posture quality of life

Sadly, most of us have poor posture even while we are lying down. Face it, having a body is hard work. Try these:

  • Lie on the floor on your back for 3-5 minutes – no extra padding. Our western lifestyles have us sitting and laying on comfortable surfaces all the time, which changes our posture.
  • Can you lie on your stomach, too? Without a pillow, head turned to one side? It’s a great way to help your neck and shoulders find their neutral positions, but not everyone can manage it.
  • If you are a side-sleeper, try sleeping with a pillow in front of you to prop up the arm that is not on the mattress.

If these don’t work for you, post a comment below and tell us what action you are taking.

Set your reminder for the action you are taking to improve your posture today. Watch your Quality of Life score change with each effort.