I got an email from my website designer Paula Hill one day with this picture attached and the note that read, “I bet he could benefit from some whole body tuning.  Can you write a blog for him?” I have known Paula long enough to know when she’s joking, but I thought it would be fun.  So here we are.

hot manThis guy is clearly thinking hard because he’s got his hand to his head and a serious furrow to his brow.

What’s going through that mind? Perhaps…

“I look so damn good, but I know I could feel better and I just can’t stay focused. The other day I was lifting and this ad came on the tv for a new supplement and next thing I know, the bar is on my chest. That’s not cool! It made me lose my rep count and I had to start all over. I took five ibuprofen before I went to bed, but I still woke up sore.  This morning I forgot to add my L-carnitine to my protein shake and didn’t remember until I was 10 miles into my run and my time was way off. There’s gotta be something I can do.

I’m in the best shape of my life! I should be feeling great.”

I’m so glad you asked, stock photo guy with scruffy beard and six-pack abs.

There’s Whole Body Tuning.  That’s whole body, as in whole (mind) body.  Let’s get together and help you rest so deeply that your muscles remember what it means to recover between workouts.  Let’s see if we can slow your breath down so your fight-or-flight nervous system can check out and your parasympathetic nervous system has a chance to work.  I promise your next weight session or your next run will be better for it.

Give me a call, dude.  No need to furrow your chiseled brow any longer.  Your answer is right here.