Every yoga teacher has heard the excuse, “But I’m not flexible!” from someone intimidated about starting a yoga practice.

And likely every Thai bodyworker has heard the same excuse from people who want very much to change their current situation, but are scared by the videos of acro yoga and Thai massage sessions where you can hardly differentiate the receiver from the practitioner as limbs get entangled in an attempt to stretch every single part of the client’s body at once!

Here’s good news, friends. You don’t have to be Gumby to take care of yourself.

Need a little more reassurance? I promise you that even Gumby gets aches and pains. I know because I am that Gumby-like person. And it hurt me. Pregnancy combined with deep hip stretches led to an unstable sacro-iliac joint, which led to sciatic pain, which led to re-thinking my yoga practice.

You see, dear reader? I’m not that special. I’m human. And even though I can easily touch my toes, I still have to pay taxes and do my laundry. I don’t get any golden keys to heaven for doing the splits! In fact, what I get for doing the splits is a little pain in my ass. And if I don’t pay attention to that little pain, it only gets bigger (the pain, not my ass – that’s already big enough, thank you). So, Gumby though I may be, I still have to take care of myself. I have an amazing network of talented professionals who can cure what ails me.

What does Gumby need? He doesn’t need more flexibility! Gumby needs someone to understand that being flexible doesn’t immunize you from being tired, getting muscle aches, having sinus problems, or being overwhelmed by life sometimes. I know Pokey is a fine sidekick, but I don’t think a session of Traditional Thai Bodywork would feel so great from a horse.

And you need to take care of yourself, too. If I’m the talented professional that can help you, let’s talk. Let’s find out what you need to best ease your suffering. And let’s give Gumby a break. Sometimes being bendy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.