Should men practice yoga

Should men practice yoga

Should Men do yogaShould men practice yoga?

I had the privilege of attending a Health and Safety Fair recently for a local corporation. I teach weekly yoga classes there and although some of the administrative staff are happy to come take classes, the men who work in the field bulldozing and digging, can’t just pop in for a 50 minute break.

I met a lot of men who you would never see in a yoga studio. Some of them might have thought that yoga is for women only. Or maybe they thought that their beer bellies would get in the way of doing yoga. Not so, I assured them!

I teach yoga the same way I use my yoga practice – 
to not be in pain!

That’s it. I used to hurt. I found yoga. I don’t hurt.

Sometimes I get lazy and don’t do yoga. Then I hurt again. Back to yoga. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

I enjoy doing yoga party tricks, as I call them. You might have seen these party tricks on the covers of magazines or as facebook profile pics. They are fun to do, but not for every body. And they intimidate people into thinking that yoga is not for them.

For guys who wear steel-toed boots all day in the Texas heat, how could I help them not hurt? Well, I showed them how to sit on a tailgate (of a Ford F-250 Diesel) and pull one knee towards their chest to stretch their low back. No matter what you are wearing, you can twist your spine from side to side gently and keep the low back from aching so much at the end of the day.

It’s really not complicated. The keynote speaker at the Health and Safety Fair said, “If it doesn’t feel right, stop. Get help.”

So if something you’re doing doesn’t feel right, stop. Get help. It’s why we’re here.